Harvard Prof Still Thinks There's a Way Hillary Clinton Could Become President

And NewsWEAK is STILL reporting it!

Back in October, we laughingly published the musings of a desperate and deranged Harvard law professor who had devised a five-point plan to replace Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton. An agreeable Newsweek printed the tangled scheme and that’s the last we thought we’d hear of it. Boy, were we wrong.

On Wednesday, NewsWEAK recycled Lawrence Lessig’s hairbrained scenario: Trump steps down or gets impeached, Vice President Mike Pence is shuffled forward and he is impeached/resigns, making way for House Speaker Paul Ryan who would then “do the right thing” and select Clinton as his vice president before stepping aside so she can assume her rightful place on the throne. 

Lessig, who sought the Democratic nomination for president and failed, told Newsweek, “This is one way that it could happen, but that’s very different from saying I think it will happen, or should happen, or the evidence is there for it to happen.” 

The entire plan hinges on proving collusion with Russia which is supported by exactly zero evidence. But — and it’s a desperately hopeful but — if “there was some conspiracy to steal the election… he’s got to resign,” Lessig added. “And if he doesn’t resign, then absolutely Congress needs to impeach him.”

We live in a time when kids are eating laundry detergent and grown-ups are detached from reality: