Harvard May Phase Out Frats, Sororities and Ban All ‘Exclusionary Social Orgs’

Progressives love tyranny over freedom.

Harvard faculty, staff, and students convened a meeting and recommended that the university toss out fraternities, sororities, and any “exclusionary social organizations” because they discriminate. The committee stated its recommendation was “guided and animated” by a “commitment to non-discrimination, inclusion, and a healthy social climate.”

The committee’s report states that ending these unrecognized single-gender social organizations (USGSO) “is consistent with our educational mission” because “these organizations directly and negatively influence the undergraduate experience for many students who are not themselves members of these organizations.”

The 22-page report also notes: “As long ago as 1988, a faculty member observed that ‘the [all-male] final clubs are where Harvard students learn to discriminate.’ Such an attitude hardly prepares students for the pluralistic world into which they will graduate.”

And with that, the committee is pushing for the clubs to be “phased out” over the next five years and will ban students from joining such organizations. Students who ignore the rule and join private clubs will be punished. This forced diversity and inclusion program would begin in the fall of 2018.

Harvard has been moving to this since at least last year when a policy was enacted which blocked students in social clubs or secret final clubs from holding any leadership positions on campus. Back in March, another Harvard committee ruled that fraternities have “deeply misogynistic attitudes” and come with a sense of “sexual entitlement,” citing a Harvard survey where nearly half of all female seniors had experienced non-consensual sexual contact with fraternity members. 

The committee hopes to kill two birds with one stone in that this proposal would also be “preventative” for those non-consensual sexual encounters or other drunken debauchery. Harvard President Drew Faust will be the final decision on the matter.

Similar anti-exclusionary policies are happening at other campuses in the United States. As TruthRevolt previously reported, Yale University is using Title IX laws to make campus life more “fair” by forcing fraternities to go co-ed to battle gender discrimination. But the funny thing is, Yale isn’t requiring the same of sororities, because liberal fairness is nothing like actual fairness. 

Photo credit: araza123 via Foter.com / CC BY

H/T NY Daily News