Ha! ‘Moving Sale’ Ads Pop Up Around L.A. for Celebs Threatening to Leave U.S.

Time to make good on those promises.

Conservative street artist Sabo hoped to force Hollywood elitists to make good on their promise to leave the United States if Donald Trump won the election. He posted mock Sotheby’s ads around Los Angeles to help give the celebrities a leg up for “moving day.”

Ads appeared Sunday on the backs of bus-stop benches and on yard signs. Cher promised to leave the planet and so thanks to Sabo, she can now begin her “moving to Jupiter election day sale.” Samuel L. Jackson said he’d head to South Africa. Bryan Cranston, Lena Dunham, and Amy Schumer said they’d rather live in Canada. The signs ask those interested in buying these celebrities’ homes to contact “Sotheby’s agent Donald Trump” for further sales information.

"I swear to God, you give these people a platform and they bash you over the head with it every time," Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter. "Half of Hollywood is moving to Canada if Trump is elected. Not much of a threat when you consider so much of the movie industry has already made their exodus in that direction due to the socialistic mess they've made of California.”

Sabo then asks the million-dollar question:

"And by the way, why the hell aren't these people moving to Mexico? Too many short, brown people for their liking down there? Not white enough? I created these mock Sotheby's bench advertisements to help them along their way, letting people know their homes are on the market."

Pictures are posted to Sabo’s Facebook page as well as the site associated with the ads, GTFOOH.today (“Get the f*** out of here today”):

Unfortunately, as HeatStreet noted, Canadians aren’t interested in any new citizens from Hollywood, especially Lena Dunham. Our Great White North neighbors plastered Twitter with pleas not to come:









Sabo’s art garnered much attention during the Republican primaries when posters of a tattooed bad-boy Ted Cruz were plastered around L.A. He was recently interviewed by CNN, and the story features a lot of his previous work. Click here.