GQ's Citizen of the Year: Colin Kaepernick

The man who kneecapped the NFL.

If you need any further evidence that GQ is the most far-left mainstream magazine on the newsstands, it named its "Men of the Year" this morning, plastering unemployed protester Colin Kaepernick on the cover as its -- wait for it -- Citizen of the Year.

Not the NRA instructor who stopped the Texas church massacre from taking even more victims. Not the citizens who flocked to Houston to selflessly assist those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Not our military service members who sacrifice to protect our country, our allies, and our rights. Not even the women coming forward to condemn Democrat donor and good friend of the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein. No, GQ chose Colin Kaepernick, the multi-millionaire who claims America oppresses "people of color," who defends Fidel Castro, who wore socks on the field that depicted police officers as pigs, and who has kneecapped the NFL by sparking a wave of protests during the playing of the national anthem at football games, driving down ratings and prompting boycotts of the league. The same Colin Kaepernick who recently filed a grievance against the NFL for "colluding" to keep him out of the league.

The nauseatingly hagiographic piece the editors of GQ wrote about him is titled, "Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced" puts him in the same category as "Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson—athletes who risked everything to make a difference."

Among the magazine's other "new American heroes" are juvenile late night propagandist Stephen Colbert, NBA star Kevin Durant and Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot. To end this article on a more positive note, here's the GQ cover featuring Gal Gadot, former Israeli Defence Force bad-ass: