GOP Ad Labeled Offensive for Characterizing Actual Leftists

This is who they are. Yes, it’s offensive!

A Republican Illinois gubernatorial candidate has gotten herself in hot water over her ad that hits hard at the seated governor, Bruce Rauner. 

State Rep. Jeanne Ives has been asked to take her ad down because so many find it offensive, racist, and bigoted. Why? Because it characterizes actual leftists such as pussy hat wearers, Antifa, and transgenders. Apparently, the ad is too close to reality.

The ad, “Thank You Bruce Rauner,” targets Republican Gov. Rauner as too moderate on issues important to conservatives. An actor dressed up as a woman thanks the governor for signing legislation that allows him to use the girl’s bathroom. An actress in a bright pink hat thanks Rauner for making Illinois families pay for her abortions. And last but not least, the masked Antifa rioter thanks him for opposing law enforcement and turning Illinois into a sanctuary state.

The criticism of the ad isn’t limited to Democrats. The state’s GOP chairman Tim Schneider asked Ives to apologize, and shamed her for misrepresenting “the Party of Lincoln.” Others are criticizing Ives for exaggerating the effects of the laws Rauner signed.

Yet, she isn’t backing down and has been praised for “crushing” Rauner in a debate before the Chicago Tribune. Reporter John Kass wrote:

Rauner is a tough guy, a man who’s made hundreds of millions of dollars in business deals. He made his own money, took his own risks, and he ran for governor in 2014 because the state was sinking. But on Monday, judging just from his eyes and body language after debating Ives — a West Point graduate — Rauner looked like a man who’d been whipped.

He just couldn’t quite come to grips with the whipping.

And he won’t debate her again, because she crushed it and she crushed him and it wasn’t pretty…

Jeanne Ives crushed it so hard, way up into the upper deck, Rauner’s re-election dreams bouncing up there all alone, echoing desperately.

You can watch that debate here.

On Twitter, Ives defended her ad, calling it “a visual representation of the policies #Rauner put into place.” She is pushing back against “the expected hysteria” from the “admittedly” provocative ad to “truthfully characterize the extreme issue positions… and their implications."

However, it seems the truth is hard for Illinoisans to swallow:











Not all of them, though: