Google's Disgraceful 'Memorial Day' Commemoration

Really, this is all they could muster?

Google celebrates important holidays by creating artwork including motion called "Doodles."  For example, here's how they celebrated Nepal Republic Day 2017:

This is the Doodle that the artists at Google designed for Mother's Day earlier this year:

Earth Day's looked like this:

Additionally, they sometimes celebrate important people's birthdays. For example, once they created a Doodle for Samaun Samadikun, one of Indonesia’s most important scientists. They also had a special tribute to Yuri Kochiyama a so-called "human rights activist" who openly praised Osama bin Laden. Though Google's Doodles can't be embedded, they all have some sort of animation within them, so that the user can see a mini-movie sometimes depending on the holiday. To see the Google archives of their Doodles, click here.

Many Americans were interested in what the company would choose to do for Memorial Day, but were sorely disappointed to see that they didn't change the logo at all. Instead they put a microscopic American flag with a little yellow ribbon on top of it. If you weren't looking for it, you'd miss it. Even if the Google organization is eaten up with leftist politics, you'd think they would be able to dig deep and find some sort of respect for the American soldier who gave his or her life for freedom. Surely, liberals can muster up some sympathy and respect for soldiers one day a year.

Alas... they can't.

But they did put energy into celebrating Richard Oakes's 75th birthday.  

Oakes is Native American who fought for social justice.  Good thing he didn't really fight for something like freedom, or his birthday would've been celebrated by less than a postage stamp.  

Our soldiers deserve more, Google.