Germany, UK Foil Major Islamist Terror Attacks Ahead of Christmas

German terror suspect was an ISIS returnee who underwent weapons training in Iraq.

The authorities in Germany and the UK have separately foiled two major Islamist terror attacks ahead of Christmas. German police arrested an ISIS terrorist who was allegedly planning a vehicle ramming attack targeting an ice rink in the city of Karlsruhe. Meanwhile, the authorities in the UK busted an Islamist terror cell plotting to carry out a bomb attack.

The 29-year-old terror suspect is an ISIS returnee who received terrorist training in Iraq. The revelations once again raise questions about German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy to allowing ISIS terrorists to reenter the country and operate freely upon arrival.

The news of foiled ISIS terror plots comes at a time when Germany is marking the first anniversary of the Berlin Christmas market attack. Last year, an ISIS-linked Tunisian refugee drove a truck into a busy Christmas market, murdering 12 people and plowing into 56 others.

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported the details of the planned ISIS terror attack:

German police on Wednesday arrested a man accused of planning a vehicle-based terrorist attack in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe.

The 29-year-old German citizen, identified only as Dasbar W., had alleged connections to the "Islamic State" group.

Investigators said he planned to ram a vehicle into the stands around a city center ice rink. He had allegedly been applying for jobs as a delivery driver for the past two months but was unsuccessful. He allegedly scouted out the location in August.

The Federal Prosecutor General said the ice rank plans posed a grave threat to the state. He was also accused of disseminating propaganda videos for IS and promoting its ideology via Whatsapp group chats. (…)

Prosecutors said Dasbar W. traveled twice to Iraq between 2015 and July 2017 to join the "Islamic State" terror group and undergo firearms training.

Last year’s Berlin Christmas market attack alarmed the authorities in the UK as well. The national terror threat level is at “severe” during this Christmas season – indicating that an attack is most likely in the UK. The country has already suffered 5 terror attacks this year that killed 36 people.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government has vowed to protect the UK Christmas markets with the “rings of steel” to protect the Christmas shoppers from Berlin-style copycat terror attacks this year.

British newspaper The Telegraph reported foiled Islamist terror attack on Wednesday:

Counter-terrorism police and MI5 officers say they have broken up a suspected Christmas bomb plot after arresting four men in a series of early-morning raids who continue to be questioned.

Armed police blew open doors while raiding addresses in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire on Tuesday after intelligence suggested the men were planning to build or acquire a bomb in an Islamist plot to strike a target in the UK.

The suspects are understood to have been under surveillance, but counter-terrorism officers decided to act amid concerns that they had moved beyond discussion and begun trying to source bomb parts or materials.

Bomb squad officers accompanied armed police as a precaution to at least one of the addresses and witnesses heard loud bangs as police blew doors open to gain entry.

Counter-terrorism sources described the arrests as "significant". They come at a time when police have stepped up security at possible seasonal targets including Christmas markets.

Recent arrests in the UK, Germany and elsewhere in Europe point towards heightened ISIS and Islamist terror activities ahead of Christmas. According to a recent news report in the British tabloid Metro, ISIS is using encrypted communication to “share posters of London’s Regent Street and Paris’ Eiffel Tower with images of jihadists and blood superimposed on them.”

The growing Islamist mobilization in the West combined with the unprecedented migrant influx from Arab and Muslim countries in the past two years have made Europeans highly vulnerable to Jihad attacks.