German Soccer Team Takes a Knee to Join NFL Against Phantom Police Menace

Kinda odd getting a lecture on the moral high ground of history... from Germany!

According to the old saying, good news travels fast.  And unfortunately, thanks to the biased mainstream media, inaccurate news travels far.  On Saturday, during a soccer match between two German teams, one squad took a knee in order to support the NFL in its protest against racist police aggression in the United States.  Of course, the gesture would’ve been infinitely more worthy had the evil it was protesting actually existed, which it does not.  But don’t ask the media to report the truth; they’d rather report a leftist narrative.  And based on that narrative, Hertha Berlin concluded that it was a good idea to stand up for the oppressed by taking a knee before their game against Schalke.  

“Berlin is colorful,” said the announcer in response to the show of solidarity with American athletes in their fight against the fictitious enemy of badged oppression. “Hertha BSC stands for diversity and against violence.  For this reason, we are joining forces with the protest of our fellow American athletes to take a stand against discrimination.”  

The team echoed the sentiment with a tweet:



However, not everyone on Twitter was willing to take part in the narrative:







Hertha team member Sebastian Langkamp told Sky Sports:

“We are living in the 21st century, not the 18th century, but there are some people who haven't developed their ideologies accordingly.”  

Quite an odd bit of condescension toward the U.S. regarding warped ideology, especially coming from someone representing Germany.  The former NAZI-run country has a few blots out-marring the United States by a long shot, even if the NFL protests were about something that actually existed.  

In a way, Hertha Berlin’s demonstration against injustice is a poetic mirroring of the NFL, and a poignant symbol of the political left in general:  they’re taking an issue they know nothing about, following what others have said without looking into the facts, and emotionally responding with a position devoid of any quantitative support.  And in their view, simply feeling and believing and reacting accordingly, are virtuous ways to change the world even if it negatively refashions life as we know it in response to a non-existent menace, like racially-directed police brutality;  or lax gun laws causing mass murder;  or free speech harming college students.  

The Left wants a different world, and they want it now.  Freedom is an enemy within which will be eliminated for the good of the Nation—just as in Hitler’s Final Solution.  Liberty will be disposed of, following the disposal of facts.  And if the Left has their way, we lose, just like Hertha Berlin:  Schalke destroyed them, 2-0.  Ah, the sweet taste of justice.