German Intel: Islamic State Has 11,100 Blank Syrian Passports

Merkel’s Open Border Policy poses grave security risk to the whole of Europe.

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police (BKA) estimates that Islamic State (ISIS) might have up to 11,100 blank Syrian passports in its possession. The latest revelation by the country’s leading security service once again highlights the security risk posed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policy that saw millions of migrants from Arab and Muslim countries flood into Europe.

According to the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, last year more than 8,600 passports examined by Germany’s migration authorities were found to be fake -- a staggering ten-fold rise from the figure of roughly 800 in 2015.

ISIS is known to have issued forged Syrian passports to its operatives carrying out acts of terror in Europe. The members of the terrorist group that carried out coordinated attacks in mid-November 2015, including the mass shooting at the Bataclan theatre, were carrying fake Syrian passports.

"Developments in connection with the refugee situation have shown that terrorist organizations are using the opportunity to infiltrate potential attackers or supporters into Europe and Germany undetected," the spokesperson for Germany’s Federal Criminal Police told Bild am Sonntag.

German news website The Local reported the latest finding of the Federal Police:

German authorities believe the Islamic State group holds some 11,100 blank Syrian passports that can be completed with any individual's details, weekly newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday.

Investigators have assembled a list of serial numbers of the blank passports and the authorities that issued them, the newspaper reported, citing confidential documents from federal police and the interior ministry.

The stolen passports are genuine identity papers that have not yet been filled out with an individual's details, making them a valuable tool for forgers.

In total, German security services are aware of some 18,002 blank Syrian passports stolen from Syrian government sites, including thousands held by groups other than Isis. (…)

In related news, police in Athens, Greece uncovered an underground forgery workshop operated by an Afghan migrant. “A 33-year-old Afghan was arrested for selling forged identity cards to migrants. Police found a highly-professional forgery workshop at his home,” Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported.

Since 2015, ISIS has carried out a string of deadly terrorist attacks across Europe. Last month’s attack in the Spanish city of Barcelona killing 13 people and injuring more than a hundred, when Islamists ploughed a van into crowds of people on a landmark boulevard.

The bloody trail left behind by the Open Borders Policy for illegal migrants, most of whom happen to be fighting-age men from the Middle East and Muslim-majority countries of North Africa, Europe’s political elite have shown no sign of abandoning their ideological position. Neither recurring Islamist terror attacks on their cities, nor mounting evidence uncovered be their various security agencies, has convinced them to tone down their virtue-signaling.