Georgetown Accused of Misappropriating Funds Intended for Traditional Family Group

Donations went to an LGBT group instead

Something funny is going on with donations made to a group at Georgetown University called Love Saxa which promotes traditional marriage and sexual morality. Specifically, donations have gone astray and found their way into the coffers of a campus LGBT group. Coincidence? 


Townhall reports this was not the only donation that was thus misdirected. Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit organization that fights against legal threats to Christians, wrote Georgetown a letter insisting they look into this. 

On November 1, 2017, an individual sent Love Saxa a check for $50.00. Miss Irvine promptly deposited that check with the Center for Student Engagement, but the funds were never placed in Love Saxa's account. Instead, on December 8, 2017, this donor received a receipt from Georgetown University, showing that his $50.00 donation was allocated to the "LGBTQ Resource Center Reserve."

On December 11, 2017 another donor contributed $100.00 to Love Saxa through Georgetown's Phonathon. But his receipt from Georgetown showed that his donation had been allocated to the Saxatones. Curiously, this group has partnered with the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League.

In December 2017, Miss Irvine also deposited a $250 check from another donor with the Center for Student Engagement. Once again, those funds have not appeared in Love Saxa's account.

Considering that Love Saxa was thrust into the spotlight last year due to its support for traditional marriage, it would be a pretty suspicious coincidence that these donations would just happen to find their way into that particular LGBT group's account.