George Lopez: Deport Police Instead of Latinos

“This is not an indictment of all Law Enforcement , some still just beat you."

A legend in his own mind, George Lopez, the  purported comedian with a chainsaw voice and a face for radio, posted an absolutely idiotic photo on Instagram Friday with a caption declaring that the way to make the streets safer is not to deport "Latinos" but to deport the police instead.

Hilarious and topical! No wonder his career now consists of executive producing The World Dog Awards and doing voiceovers for Smurf movies.

Check out the Instagram post below. Lopez is shown next to the caption, “The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer… You wanna make the streets safer deport the police!”

Lopez didn't mention that record numbers of illegal aliens (that's right, illegal aliens, not undocumented immigrants) were deported under President Obama, not President Trump. Nor did he mention the obvious fact that when cops are pulled from the streets, crime skyrockets and the people that suffer the most are minorities in urban high crime areas. Those same minorities want more police presence, not less, but Lopez doesn't care because he lives in a mansion in the celebrity foothills of L.A.'s Los Feliz area.

Lopez also added in a comment, “This is not an indictment of all Law Enforcement, some still just beat you #gacho #georgelopezonhbo #TheWall ( @momorodriguez #gracias.”

A majority of the comments about the post were negative, according to Blue Lives Matter:

chelsea_aparicio San Antonio just buried a Hispanic police officer yesterday, he was killed in the line of duty. There is nothing but support for our police officers. You should be trying to bring people closer, not encouraging Trump’s BS behavior.

[email protected] what a great way to end your career. Ask Kathy Griffin

[email protected] I never had you pegged as a cop hater

francesca0910On my way to vigil for a fallen Dominican police officer in New York City she lost her life in the line of duty and left behind 3 beautiful children, so find your comments disrespectful and distasteful as a fellow Latino I’m very disappointed @georgelopez

arizona_nandoThey should deport your face Por feo… Gacho

giblocc_11bGrow up bro everyone hates the cops till they get robbed or shot stop being ignorant.

delosreyes_santiagoShould they first start with all LAPD officers who are Hispanic??? @georgelopez

[email protected] how can you say something like that? Why don’t you do a ride along with a local Police Department so you can see what we actually do!

[email protected] I thought you were better than this.

[email protected] Eres una vergüenza para los Hispanos! (Translation: You’re a disgrace for Hispanics!) Sincerely-Mexican Police Officer

Lopez can dish out the hate but apparently can't take the heat, because in the wake of this backlash he set his Instagram account to "private," sparing us any more of his insightful wit (not to mention his face).

Police officers around this country put their lives on the line every day to protect law-abiding citizens. George Lopez may have a net worth of $35 million, but he isn't worth the tin in the badge of a single one of those cops.