Gang Member Pardoned by Obama Executed Two Months After Commutation

Crazy story.

Damarlon Thomas, 31, was sentenced to federal prison for 19 years on cocaine-related charges. But as part of President Obama’s lenient prison reform agenda, the former gang member’s sentence was pardoned in November, and he was transferred to a federal halfway house in Michigan.

But on Monday, two masked men stormed Bannum Place in Saginaw, sought out Thomas and executed him while taking dozens of people hostage, according to the Associated Press.

“One person watched over a group of them while another subject located the victim and executed him,” Lt. David Kaiser said. “They were looking for this person.”

There were no other injuries, and no one is currently in custody.

“This was a very targeted individual, for whatever reason,” Kaiser added. “The people that shot this man knew who they were looking for and wanted him deceased.”

Thomas was among a group of 79 whose sentences were commuted on November 22, a “part of Obama’s second-term effort to try to remedy the consequences of decades of onerous sentencing requirements that Obama said had imprisoned thousands of drug offenders for too long,” noted the AP.

In this case, it seems, the offender might have preferred that Obama leave well enough alone.