Gallup: One-Quarter of College Students Seek to Shut Down 'Hate Speech'

These are our future "leaders."

Given the incredibly low threshold millennials have in coping with reality, it comes as no surprise that nearly one-quarter of American college students seek to actively limit Constitutional freedoms concerning speech. Curtailing that which they consider "hate speech" is of utmost importance to the snowflakes. 

A recent Gallup survey provides some encouragement in that most American college students do support free speech on campus, but 22 percent of students believe college should serve as safe-spaces, free of anything they deem hateful or offensive. It goes without saying that students who identify as Republican are far more likely to revere the First Amendment than are students who identify as Democrat. Daily Caller provides additional details revealed in the new Gallup poll: 

American college students also believe their professors and administrators stifle free speech currently. A slight majority of students, 54 percent, say their campuses prevent certain people from expressing themselves to protect other people from being offended. [...]

On a bright note, Gallup found that the majority of college students are confident their First Amendment rights are very secure, which is odd considering that only 56 percent of non-college students believe the same.

The point is that none of us should take our rights and freedoms as a given anymore, especially in this politically charged climate in which Social Justice Warriors abound. We must also consider the frightening fact that some of those who believe in "safe spaces" and who actively seek to shut down free speech are our "future leaders."

Just look at the power some of these snowflakes have already wielded against college administrators. Could you imagine if these very same SJWs one day reach high office or other positions of power and influence? One-quarter of students who harbor this mindset amounts to no trivial number and its time their flawed ideology is nipped in the bud.