Freed From Taliban, Man Refuses Ride Home On American Plane

So, he'd rather stay with the terrorists?

A Canadian man who spent five years in captivity under a Taliban-connected group in Afghanistan refused a ride home because the plane was American.

Joshua Boyle was taken captive by the Haqqani network in Afghanistan in October of 2012 along with his then-pregnant wife Caitlin Coleman, an American. The couple have had three children together during their captivity.

On Wednesday the couple was rescued by the Pakistani military after a request from American authorities that had been tracking the captors. But after being rescued, Boyle refused to board his free ride home, The Daily Mail reports it was all over his past ties to a terrorist family:

They say he fears he will be punished for his first marriage to al Qaeda supporter Zaynab Khadr, the older sister of Omar Khadr who spent eight years between 2002 and 2010 in Guantanamo Bay for war crimes he still denies.

Other military sources say he was previously questioned in Canada over his ties to the family. 

Canada's CBC also reported on specifics of the offer, a C130 military plane was put forward for the ride home and also details of Boyle's refusal:

While Boyle divorced Zaynab Khadr in 2010, his connection to Canada's first family of terror has raised many questions. Zaynab is the older sister of Omar Khadr, a man recently granted $10 million and an official apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the time Khadr spent in Gitmo and Canada's role in his detention there. Omar Khadr was captured in a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002. It was during his capture that Khadr threw the grenade that killed Sgt. Christopher Speer and injured Sgt. Layne Morris. Ahmed Khadr, the father of Omar and Zaynab was a friend of Osama bin Laden and is often credited with being the financier of the 9/11 attacks.

Boyle was raised Christian but took a strong interest in Islam, it is not known if he has converted.

After the initial refusal to board the American plane, Boyle and his family arrived in London, England on Friday morning and will eventually travel on to Canada.