Former Pussycat Doll: Hollywood Guilty Far Beyond Weinstein

"I was in a prostitution ring."

The recent exposure of Harvey Weinstein is an exposure of Hollywood, and that is an exposure of the Left. The ever-growing claims of all manner of sexual misconduct against the film producer is shaming the hypocritical West Coast elites like a junior high nerd getting de-pantsed in gym class. And now comes an even more embarrassing revelation from ex-Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones.

In the wake of Weinstein’s alleged crimes and creepiness, Jones has revealed on Twitter a bombshell about the all-girl group: they functioned as a “prostitution ring.”  Feast your eyes:

Jones was a lead singer for the Dolls from 2003 to 2004, and she’s an outspoken supporter of the President and the military. Prior to Weinstein’s fall from grace, she had tweeted about the sexual abuses of Hollywood:

After that revelation via Twitter, the 33-year-old Jones was interviewed by MRC Culture, during which she said she knew “people that I have been in business with, that have been…asked to do things that they don’t want to do.” In addition, she said her time in Hollywood had been comprised of “witnessing things that are just unacceptable.”

Jones explained that she left the group—which sold 15 million records and more than 40 million singles—because what they were enduring behind the scenes wasn’t anything she thought was a good role model for young girls. Success in Hollywood, she said, comes at a price:

“If you’re willing to compromise your integrity, if you’re willing to not have any scruples about you when it comes to the way that you are as a human being, you’ll get really far. My soul wasn’t for sale; it still isn’t. You know, my morals and my integrity were never for sale.”

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via / CC BY-NC