Former Clinton Press Secretary Ready for President Winfrey

"I think it would be electric."

Brian Fallon -- former Hillary Clinton press secretary and current CNN commentator -- is ready for President Oprah Winfrey to run the country. Fallon made his feelings known on the left-wing network Monday while talking with Jake Tapper, who asked:

“Don’t you think if she entered the race she would jump to the top of the heap?”

Fallon started out a bit neutral but then gushed his support:

“I do. I have no idea if she’s going to run. I don’t know what her position is on most policy issues. I certainly don’t think that the party needs to lurch for some celebrity answer to Donald Trump. We don’t need Oprah. If she got into the race, would she be a huge force to be reckoned with, perhaps even the favorite? Absolutely. I think it would be electric." 

The senior adviser to Democratic super PAC Priorities USA certainly considers Winfrey to be a serious contender, defending her against any potential naysayers:

“I think there are a lot of wise people in Washington scoffing at this and talking about, hey, the public usually likes somebody who is different than the previous president, so Democratic primary voters are not going to want for a celebrity to answer a celebrity in Donald Trump. I think that does a disservice to Oprah."

Is this the same left side of the political aisle that mocked Trump for being a celebrity and a reality show host? Fallon explained the difference between the two:

“You can be a celebrity and be famous before entering politics without being Donald Trump. She is somebody over 30 years has demonstrated an ability to uniquely inspire people, relate to people, she showed an intellectual curiosity that Donald Trump just doesn’t possess, a big-heartedness, that I think would make her a very appealing candidate if she decided to run."

Ohhh, okay. So maybe America needs someone known for this:

Perhaps Maury Povich can run as VP.

In the meantime, it seems clear who has more acumen for running the country:

It did -- it "got so bad." And he had more than "a hell of a chance." Now, thankfully, so does the country.