FL School District Offers Excused Absences for Students Going to Anti-Gun March

And why not? It’s best if kids learn to buck responsibility early.

Administrators from the Leon County school district in Tallahassee, Florida, informed students that they will be given excused absences if they choose to attend a planned anti-gun march at the state capitol.

A blanket free day given to K-12 students? They’ll have a lot of takers for that one, anti-gun or not. Kids don’t need any prodding to take a day off school.

Survivors of the Parkland school shooting will be shipped north to appear at the capitol to demand gun control from state lawmakers.  Leon county Schools’ announcement is insuring a large crowd which the media will no doubt proudly broadcast. (Read here about how the media is using these students as props.):

This protest is different from the one the Women’s March has organized for March 14th, the one month-anniversary of the shooting. Many students have organized similar walkouts across the state and it's taking off nationwide.

This would’ve never been allowed back when schools disciplined students and didn’t bow to their every selfish whimper. These days, the coddled students get their way and the faculty cowers in submission. Pathetic. The rule should always be, show up for class, or flunk. Your choice.