FL Professor: 'Beauty and the Beast' Riddled With 'Toxic Masculine Capitalism'

“We need 'men' to become human, perhaps not again but for the first time in history on a mass scale."

Leftist academics serve no useful function in the real world, including educating their students, preferring instead to draw up jargon-heavy theories inspired by cultural Marxism.

According to Breitbart, for example, Bryant Sculos, a professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Florida International University, argued in a barely comprehensible article for the academic journal Class, Race, and Corporate Power (insert eye-roll here) that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast films are riddled with “toxic masculine capitalism.”

According to Sculos, the films highlight “problems with capitalism (e.g., bourgeois [and in this case anachronistic] identity politics and a cathartic personalistic conclusion with no systemic change, just to name two).” If that thesis didn't induce a coma in you, read on.

Sculos makes very loose ties, notes Breitbart, between “corporate capitalism” and the Beauty and the Beast films, attempting to link all social ills to capitalism along the way:

We are taught by our society that to be a man is to embrace competition. To be a man is to never be weak or naïve. To be a man is to be in control. To be a man is to be violent (whether virtual or real), especially when it isn’t really necessary. To be a man is to never have to ask for permission. To be a man is to never have to say, “No, I can’t really afford that.” Absent the kind of irrational wealth that makes the last position actually tenable, guns, cruelty, misogyny, bullying, and all kinds of social sadism that don’t require great wealth take over—and even with wealth, they often take over in some form. This is the toxicity of contemporary masculinity.

This is the kind of hateful bigotry that passes as intellectual insight in our institutions of higher education: the toxicity of contemporary scholarship.

Toxic masculinity is not some alt-Right aberration, though its most extreme manifestations have fueled the alt-Right’s, and de facto Grand Wizard Donald Trump’s, rise. Toxic masculinity merely reflects the toxicity of masculinity in general. And while not all of these above mentioned aspects of the discourses and practices of masculinity hold in all or most cases, most hold in many cases. The more we fuel a society that demands a capitalistic mentality that privileges the commodification of life and life-sustaining goods and services, masculinity will continue to be a toxic manifestation of the same. Toxic masculinity is toxic because of its causes and effects; that is, its overall social context. It is a social virus, and it is highly contagious. In neoliberal identity politics and corporate feminism, we see that even women and non-gender conforming people are infected by its causes and effects. Neoliberal capitalism is perhaps the ideal system for a gender-neutral toxic masculinity.

More anti-male hate. Cultural Marxists despise masculinity because it stands in the way of the radical left's aim to deconstruct the nuclear family and to concentrate power in the state.

Sculos goes on to point to Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston as the archetypal example of this toxic masculinity, and he condemns Gaston’s “socially-cultivated necro-narcissism and megalomania,” whatever that means.

Sculos' interpretation of the Beast is that the Beast’s change back into a human represents a fundamental transformation of social justice: “From the beasts created and cultivated by racist, patriarchal capitalism to humane, literate, sensitive, community-defending, cooperative, loving, self-sacrificing people,” he concludes. “We need “men” to become human, perhaps not again but for the first time in history on a mass scale."

Men have never been human in history? What misandrist idiocy. What if he had written that about women? The feminist outrage would be scorching.

"It is not masculinity that needs to purged of its toxicity," Sculos pontificates, "but rather it is humanity that needs to be purged of the toxicity of corporate-barbaric masculinity.”

He has it half-right: masculinity doesn't need to be purged of toxicity, but humanity does need to be purged of the toxicity of cultural Marxism and of academics who contribute nothing good, beautiful, or useful to the world.