First Trailer for Nolan's 'Dunkirk' Has Arrived

"At a time when all patriotism has been rendered suspect."

In the age of Brexit when simple shopkeepers get called racist for celebrating British culture, the trailer for director Christopher Nolan's WWII epic movie Dunkirk has arrived and looks to be a very patriotic tribute to the men who fought and died to preserve the British army from Nazi slaughter. 

After directing The Dark Knight trilogy and the sci-fi hit Inception, Nolan appears poised to give the world his historical epic, similar to what Spielberg did with Empire of the Sun and Schindler's List and James Cameron did with Titanic.

For Nolan, this comes at a time when patriotism is derided as racist and jingoistic, and the film may very well be a good reminder of the heroism the West displayed during a time when great evil engulfed the world.

The true story of Dunkirk is a remarkable one. After suffering colossal defeat in France, the British army was pushed back to the English Channel and then evacuated to England, preserving the army to fight another day.

With an all-star cast featuring Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh, Dunkirk is set for release next July.