Fergie Tries to Sex Up National Anthem, Fails

Makes you want to take a knee in protest.

Black-Eyed Peas singer Fergie delivered a version of the national anthem at the NBA All-Star game that instantly became one of the most inappropriate renditions ever.

The Grammy-winner and lyricist behind such pop poetry as "My Humps" ("my humps, my hump, my hump, my hump / My lovely lady lumps") inexplicably decided to put a sexy lounge singer vibe on "The Star-Spangled Banner,” ruining it with breathy phrasing, weird pronunciation, and even a little Eartha Kitt growl or two.

Fox News reports that One Twitter user called it “in the key of ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President.'"


Another Twitterer summed it up well: "Not sure what Fergie was going for on that national anthem performance but if it was 'my friends drunk mom acting sexy' she nailed it":


Even unhinged race-monger and Tucker Carlson punching bag Tariq Nasheed had the right take on it:

Had Fergie elevated her performance above the groin and stuck to delivering the notes with power and genuine emotion, as she briefly showed she could, it would have been memorable for the right reasons. But attempting to sex up the national anthem is unacceptably disrespectful. It's no less disrespectful than Roseanne Barr's intentional butchering of the song at a 1990 baseball game. Too few celebrity singers have the humility to take themselves out of the equation and realize that the anthem is more important than they are.

For once, we would have understood if the athletes had protested the national anthem.