Feminists Flip Out! Wonder Woman Doesn’t Have Armpit Hair?!

Or, how to ruin Wonder Woman.

It’s 2017, so, of course feminists are mad that Wonder Woman doesn’t have armpit hair.

After the new trailer for the upcoming D.C. Comics release dropped, some took to Twitter to express their belief that an Amazonian child of the gods raised on a remote, all-female island would indeed have no need to shave under her arms. 

Here's someone who describes himself as a "41yr old geek, INTERSECTIONAL FEMINIST, YouTuber, vegetarian, Salesforce dev/admin, dog guy, in Koreatown, LA, (he/him/his) cishet" that got a lot of attention on Twitter for saying:

So much attention, in fact, he followed it up with a plea to give him money:

The Revelist jumped onboard, complaining that the pits of Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, “are digitally-altered until they’re unrecognizable.” Photoshopping them “to appear utterly flawless takes it to another level.”

“Photoshop fails make women, even fictional female superheroes, appear aspirational instead of real,” writer Evette Dionne said. “Do better.”

Slate, too, was concerned that Gadot’s armpits were “digitally bleached in postproduction, perhaps out of fear that we as moviegoers aren’t ready to see the creases of a woman’s unobscured armpit in close-up.”

“You might be saying, Really, armpits? Is this seriously still happening in 2017?” the piece went on to ask. (That's taking the words right out of our mouths.)

Here’s what Refinery29 had to say; taking it to the fullest extreme:

It's really hard to believe that Wonder Woman, who has been on an island filled with strong women her entire life is worried about waxing and then bleaching her pits to make sure there isn't a hair left on those babies. That is a time-consuming process and she's a little too busy training “10 times harder” with the Amazons so that she can, you know, save the world. It really all comes down to priorities and I'd like to think shaving is pretty low on the list, even if it's high on the studio's.

It also comes down to freedom. To have or not have armpit hair is a woman's choice and it's one that she's often judged for. With Wonder Woman standing in as an example of female strength, it would have been exciting to see her with a little hair under her arms. To prove that women — even those who are superheroes — don't have to cater to beauty standards that are meant to make them more attractive to men. Women can instead celebrate their bodies in whatever way they see fit, hairy pits and all.

Well, good for these SJW snowflakes because now, a comic fan site out of South Africa recently completed a “social justice warrior-approved Wonder Woman trailer — now with armpit hair!” with full-on feminism added under each arm in all its hairy glory. Watch above.

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