Feminists Cheer for Asexual Crayfish

Who needs a man?

Time to put away the pink hats, girls. Feminism has a new mascot: the marbled crayfish.

BuzzFeed dove right into this one with great delight:

The marbled crayfish (aka marmorkrebs) came into existence about 25 years ago as the result of a major mutation in a single crayfish. They became popular with aquarium owners in Germany in the 1990s.

The mutation made the crayfish able to clone themselves — and reproduce only female offspring.

Due to the large numbers of offspring they reproduce, many marbled crayfish owners dumped the babies into lakes. They wound up thriving and reproducing even more, and are now quickly spreading across and beyond Europe.

“People are truly inspired by these feminist crustaceans who don't need a man,” gushed BuzzFeed. “More like SLAYFISH.”

What followed was praise from leftist/feminist Twitter which had a field day with this discovery:






BuzzFeed raved, “Yes my sisters!!!!!!!!!!”

So, feminism is really about the eradication of men, then? Wow, it took a tiny crayfish to finally bring out the truth.

There was one voice of reason among the noise, as pointed out at Louder with Crowder:

“Just imagine an army of buzzcut women, feeding on BuzzFeed and burritos, invading Washington. Replicating themselves at ungodly speeds. Hard pass,” Stephen Crowder said.