'Feminist Science' Event Urges Researchers to Do 'Only Socially Just Science'

"Who benefits? Who is harmed? Who is most vulnerable? And ultimately, who do we do science for, and why?"

An upcoming workshop at UC Santa Cruz called “Research Justice 101: Tools for Feminist Science” promises to instruct attendees how to pursue "an open and responsible science that works toward progressive social change.”

The College Fix reports that the event, to be hosted by the Free Radicals, is part of an effort to infuse social justice, inclusion and equality into science in order to advance Progressive social change. Researchers will learn how to “practice a socially just science."

“Participants will be challenged to apply principles and practices of justice to their own work,,” according to the event description, "interrogating questions such as: Who benefits? Who is harmed? Who is most vulnerable?… And ultimately, who do we do science for, and why? The workshop will conclude with practical skills and resources for participants to push their research communities to be more inclusive, equitable and attentive to social justice."

The mission of the Free Radicals is to promote social change through scientific inquiry by advocating for scientists to “think through the hidden assumptions in their methodological approaches and... think more deeply about the political implications of their work,” its website states.

The “feminist science” workshop is sponsored by UC Santa Cruz’s Science and Justice Research Center, described as a “globally unique endeavor” to build on the school’s “historic commitments to socioecological justice and strengths in science studies and interdisciplinary research.”

The event will be led by Paloma Medina, a second year Ph.D. student in biomolecular engineering and bioinformatics at UC Santa Cruz who also helped create the Queer Ecologies Research Cluster, a reading group which discusses how evolutionary and ecological science has informed what is “natural” about human sexuality to label certain sexual behaviors as normal or aberrant.

"The group appears to argue," notes The College Fix, "that social and cultural norms throughout the ages have had biased science toward validating certain sexual behaviors and gender identities while invalidating others."

So apparently the plan is to make science less biased by making it more biased toward social justice and identity politics, which are obviously more important than objective truth. Any scientific evidence that does not promote social justice presumably will be dismissed as racist, imperialist, sexist, oppressive, etc.

The workshop takes place at the Northern California school on January 31. Only "woke" scientists and researchers will be admitted.