Feinstein Predicts ISIS Attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Says "overdue" for Obama to finally be on the offensive

On Sunday's State of the Union with Candy Crowley on CNN, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) predicted an ISIS attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and says that it is well "overdue" for President Obama to finally be on the offensive.

The senator said:

I want to congratulate the president. He is now on the offense. He has put together the coalition of nine nations. His people are in different regional countries as we speak consulting and trying to bring in other countries in the region. I think that this is a major change in how ISIS is approached. 

Feinstein said that the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, as well as the consulate in Erbil will be protected from an attack, stressing that ISIS is a major threat in the Middle East and in the future, will be to America unless they are stopped with the help of our allies:

In my view…ISIS a major threat to this country, in the future, and right now to the entirety of Syria and Iraq, and the expanding caliphate. I think where they're going is to Baghdad. It is my belief they will try to attack our embassy, so we're going to protect our embassy, protect our council in Erbil and at the same time begin to use special operations, more ISR, crack down on where they're getting their money, and taking aggressive action against this terrorist group. It is overdue, but the president is now there and I think it's the right thing for America, and hopefully our partners will be aggressive with us.