Feinstein: NSA Critics Don’t Understand ‘We Still Occupy the Role of the Great Satan’

And compared to corporations' privacy breaches, it’s not a “major offender at all”...

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) came to the defense of the NSA on Meet the Press Sunday, arguing that it is far less of a threat to Americans’ privacy than corporations and that most critics do not comprehend how severe the threat of terrorism remains, as “we still occupy the role of the Great Satan” in the terrorist breading grounds.

Feinstein argued Sunday that privacy advocates in America simply do not understand the reality of the country current precarious position:

I think a lot of the privacy people perhaps don’t understand that we still occupy the role of the Great Satan. New bombs are being devised, new terrorists are emerging, new groups. Actually, a new level of viciousness. And I think we need to be prepared. I think we need to do it in a way that respects people’s privacy rights.

Feinstein downplayed the intrusiveness of the NSA’s surveillance program, comparing it favorably to the privacy breaches of corporations, insisting the NSA “does not seem to be a major offender at all” in comparison.

H/T National Review Online.