FBI Wants Clinton Probe Wrapped Quick

Comey acknowledges pressure.

The FBI's James Comey says his department is feeling the pressure to complete the Bureau's investigation into Hillary Clinton's email security (or lack thereof) issues. Politico reports that Comey says he wants things to move quickly:

Comey said the pressure is similar to other high-profile cases the bureau handles such as terrorism investigations.

"We want to do it well and we want to do it promptly. I feel pressure to do both of those things," Comey told reporters during a roundtable at FBI headquarters. "As between the two things, we will always choose well.'"

Comey indicated he's not taking into account political events, including the upcoming conventions or the fall election.

Clinton's use of a private, homebrewed email server to conduct government business at the highest level may be against the law. Clinton used her private email account to discuss high level government operations while she was Secretary of State, leaving top-level government information more vulnerable to hackers.

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