Comey Says No Influence as FBI Investigates Clinton

Wants investigation finished "promptly."

Why hasn't Hillary Clinton been indicted or even interviewed by the FBI in their ongoing investigation into her homebrewed email server and concerns that she passed sensitive and secret material over her personal email? Well, according to the FBI Director and reported by Politico, it has nothing to do with politics:

FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that he's keeping careful track of the investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email server, in part to make sure the probe isn't affected by politics.

"I love the FBI because we aspire to, and I think we are, three things: we're honest, we're competent, we're independent. We're not perfect. We're competent, we're independent," Comey said in response to an audience member's question during an appearance at Kenyon College in Ohio.

Comey says  he has stayed close the investigation to ensure it has the resources it needs and is kept away from any potential political interference:

Press reports in recent weeks have said that FBI agents working on a probe of how classified information ended up on the former secretary of state's home server are planning to question her top aides from her tenure as secretary of state. Investigators are expected to come to Clinton soon thereafter. She has pledged publicly to cooperate with the inquiry.

Speaking to an audience of law enforcement officials in New York on Monday, Comey said the timing of the upcoming Democratic convention in July would have no impact on the probe, although he said he wanted the investigation concluded "promptly."  

In early March the FBI granted immunity to former Clinton staffer Bryan Pagliano, the staffer that helped set up the private server from Clinton, the same one she used to exchange emails about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi and diffuse information about American operations around the world.