Family That Took In Florida School Shooter Talks to GMA

"I thought I had the only key to the gun safe..."

"This wasn't the person that we knew," Kimberly Snead said during a Monday morning appearance on Good Morning America.

Kimberly and James Snead are the Florida couple that took in Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz after his adoptive mother died last November. Cruz had attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School with the Sneads' son. When Cruz, who lost his adoptive father to a heart attack in 2005, was left without parents last fall, the Snead family took him in and helped him start to put his life back together -- including, says James Snead, following the rules established in his new home.

"He followed the rules," James said.

Neither James nor Kimberly say they understand what went wrong last Wednesday, asserting that the young man they knew is not someone they see portrayed in the media.

"Everything everybody seems to know, we didn’t know," James said.  

The only thing different that day, they said, was that Nikolas said he wasn't going to school because he never attended on Valentine's Day. He told the Sneads' son that he was going to a movie.

The Sneads say that when they took Nikolas into their home they knew he owned guns and insisted that he get a gun safe and that James keep the key.

"I thought I had the only key to the gun safe," James said noting that Nikolas had previously always asked for permission from James.

The family says they didn't know anything about Nikolas torturing animals, noting that he appeared to love the family pets and that they were unaware of secret social media posts espousing violence.

Kimberly Snead told GMA host Michael Strahan that when she saw Nikolas walk by her at the jail he said he was, "sorry."