Facebook Chief: #MeToo Movement Hasn’t Gone Far Enough

“We need to end the culture of complicity.”

The #MeToo movement has steamrolled through Hollywood, Washington, and beyond and left a trail of sexual abusers deserved of the exposure in its wake. However, there’s also been a lot of collateral damage resulting in well-meaning men becoming fearful of getting labeled a predator, or worse, a rapist. As the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

But for Facebook’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, she feels the #MeToo movement has only scratched the surface and needs to expand even more before real change is achieved. She told Bloomberg Television:

“The question is not if #MeToo has gone too far, but if #MeToo has gone far enough. Because it can’t just be a moment in time, where people raise their voice. These brave women who have raised their voices, they want longstanding change.”

However, some of these “brave women” are claiming victimhood where there has been no sexual misconduct, yet they hold all the power because as the feminist mantra states, “all women must be believed.” It’s gotten to the point where being me-tooed is all it takes to end a man’s career or, at the very least, slander his good name. If anything, the #MeToo movement needs to be tempered to stay on course, not expanded.

But in Sandberg’s view, “We need to end the culture of complicity” and take responsibility for what happens in the workforce. That means extra policies to hamper sexual harassment and a slew of other reforms.

You can bet that her position at Facebook will be influential in further turning the social media platform into a virtual leftist hangout and her philosophy the new algorithm to filter pre-approved content to meet the company’s progressive — make that regressive — agenda.