Vanity Plate Referencing Star Trek Recalled... Because People Thought It Was Racist

It's just not possible to have any fun anymore.

A Winnipeg nerd named Nick Troller bought a vanity plate for his vehicle which read ASIMIL8. According to TechDirt,  Star Trek fans will know what this means. "The Borg was an alien race that assimilated other races into its hive-mind whatsit and traveled around in big grey cubes, because, you know, aliens. They often communicated such witticisms as 'Resistance is futile' and 'You will be assimilated.'"

In Canada, however, people thought the plate was racist and offensive to immigrants.

If you've existed at all in the modern day political climate you'll understand how some people who are—rightfully—sensitive to the rise of normalized racism, saw Troller's plate as problematic. Seeing the plate as a problem some people complained and Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) told Troller he had to get rid of it. Troller has since relented to the pressure and gotten rid of the plate for one that says "COLECTV"—the plate still has the bracket sporting the "resistance is futile" saying.

Now, in this hyper-partisan time where everyone is either a racist or an SJW and we all hate each other with the burning passion of eight pissed off suns, it's no wonder that Troller's license plate has become an issue and that people on both sides have seized upon it. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is known for taking people to court for denying anti-abortion activists a voice and other free speech issues, now—after advocating for Troller initially—may be taking the case to court.

TechDirt believes this all needs to stop. "The license plate isn't remotely racist and anyone apologizing for some people freaking out and complaining of its racism should stop. Stop and never do that again." He goes on to explain that stupid stuff like this makes it harder to fight actual racism and encourages, "these hypersensitive offense-magnets" to stop "getting in our way and impeding progress." Then, he drops this truth bomb:

But it's also worth noting that something like a vanity plate is plainly a form of speech and having a government strip a citizen of that speech simply because other people are wrong about that speech is flatly insane.

Of course it is. People need to stop being offended...  and if they can't grow up and live in the real world, the rest of us just need to stop accommodating them.

Image Credit: TechDirt and Twitter