EU Commissioner: Europe Too White, Mass Migration Here to Stay

"We all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm."

EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos has a stern message for all those European citizens who complain about the tsunami of migrants and "refugees" from the Middle East who are radically transforming their homelands: get used to it. “It’s time to face the truth,” he wrote in a piece published Monday for Politico entitled, “Europe’s Migrants Are Here to Stay.” "We cannot and will never be able to stop migration."

According to Breitbart, the Eurocrat wrote in his article that “human mobility will increasingly define the 21st century” and that mass migration is an issue Brussels has committed Europe to “for the long haul.” Avramopoulos made it clear that the globalist elite in Brussels view open European arms not as a temporary refuge but as an invitation to the mostly Islamic tide of migrants to settle permanently.

“They have found safety in Europe, but we also need to make sure they find a home,” he wrote, referring to the mostly young adult male "refugees." He insisted that programming Europeans to welcome mass migration is “not only a moral imperative” but “also an economic and social imperative for our aging continent — and one of the biggest challenges for the near future.”

The biggest challenge of all, which Avramopoulos does not openly admit, is that this overwhelming influx of a mostly unskilled, highly fertile population, deeply committed to radically different religious and cultural values, threatens to transform Europe into an illiberal, third-world shell of a civilization, and thus mass migration is not so much a moral imperative as a suicidal one.

The Brussels Commission, states the Greek politician, is hard at work to “enhance legal channels for economic migration" and to devise necessary “integration measures.” Good luck with that last bit. It's worked out so well for Europe so far.

Breitbart notes that in the article, Avramopoulos also praised a series of Politico articles which accuse the EU of being “too white,” urging the bloc to replace native Europeans with “people of colour” in Brussels jobs. But that's not enough, he wrote, “not nearly enough to prompt the changes that our societies need to be ready for the realities of the 21st century.”

“At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly,” the migration commissioner concluded.

Ironically, Avramopoulos considers the resistance of some Central European nations to accepting large numbers of refugees as “anti-European,” and declared, “It is naïve to think that our societies will remain homogenous and migration-free if one erects fences."

What's naive is to believe that this tide of Middle Eastern migrants will bring diversity and economic power. On the contrary, as European societies very rapidly become more Islamic they will equally rapidly become homogenous and impoverished in the most oppressive way.

"We cannot and will never be able to stop migration," Avramopoulos asserted, but Europe's future, if it has one at all, depends precisely on its will to do just that.