EU Commissioner: EU Has 10 Days Before Migrant System Collapses

That long?

Given the massive influx of refugees seeking asylum throughout Europe, the levee is about to break. According to the EU's migrant commissioner Dimitris Avramopolous, the union has only until its March 7 summit with Turkey to stem the flow of migrants or risk seeing the entire migration system "completely break down."

European countries are simply at critical mass. 

Speaking to a press conference in Brussels, Avramopolous warmed that "in the next 10 days, we need tangible and clear results on the ground" or Europe will risk a complete system collapse. 

AFP reports that the commissioner noted that Greece is in particular crisis as it is the first stop for migrants en route to Europe and the Western Balkans. He said the situation is "very critical" and that a "humanitarian crisis is very real and very near." 

With regards to the EU-Turkey summit, Avramopoulos shared his concerns over border control and asked the EU refrain from engaging in any "unilateral actions" like introducing restrictions on the number of asylum seekers a given country will take. As European countries close their borders, thousands of refugees are overflowing into no man's land.

According to AFP, such border controls pose a risk to Europe's 26-country large Schengen free travel area. 

While Avramopolous ceded that the EU is responsible for its own states and neighbor-states, he feels a responsibility towards to "desperate" refugees and told the commission it "cannot continue to deal through unilateral, bilateral or trilateral actions" over their "negative effects."

While the EU may seem like one big, happy unit working in harmony, individual member states have an obligation to their own citizens first and foremost. And with just 10 days to total system collapse, Avramopolous and the EU had better come up with a better plan than telling countries what they should or should not do with their respective borders.