Man in Deadpool Mask Robs Ohio Bank

"I've been besmirched! This besmirchment will not stand!"

The fandom for the new Deadpool movie has been growing to epic proportion since the release of the film, with Deadpool gear showing up all over the internet, shopping malls, and movie theaters across the country. But one place you would not expect to see it is in the middle of a bank robbery.

Or would you?

Here are the details from WSAZ:

South Point Police say a man wearing a Deadpool mask robbed a bank at gunpoint Friday.

It was reported about 2 p.m. at the U.S. Bank branch in the 700 block of 4th Street East.

South Point Police tell WSAZ the man had on a Deadpool mask, black jacket and red backpack.

They say he pulled out a black handgun and told the tellers to give him money. He got away with about $2000 in cash.

As Deadpool says in Deadpool Vol 1, "I've been besmirched! This besmirchment will not stand!"