Sweden: Migrant Beat and Murdered Gay Man But Sentenced to Mere 4 Years in Prison

Where's the liberal outrage?

Where are the LGBT and other left-wing activists when you need them?

A migrant in Sweden was found guilty of murdering a gay man and defacing the body by wrapping a snake around the victim's neck, but has only been sentenced to a mere four years in prison. 

The LocalSe reports that the Gothenburg district court made its ruling Wednesday. The teenager will be sent to a juvenile detention center and "pay damages" to the victim's family.  Details follow below: 

The gruesome killing took place in June, with a trial getting under way at the end of last year.

The boy, who court documents said broke down in tears during police interrogations, told the court it had been carried out in self-defence.

He claimed the man had approached him on the street, dressed as a red-haired woman, and offered him clothes, food and a place to shower. After they arrived at the apartment he said the man had tried to rape him.

However, police managed to recover a video from the boy's mobile, which showed him shouting and swearing at the man and insulting his sexuality. The victim was found by his partner with a shirt tied around his neck and a dead snake draped around his neck.

The boy's DNA was found at the scene and under the victim's finger nails. Another teenager, 19, who was also present in the apartment, was charged with protection of a criminal Medical X-ray analysis indicated that the boy was older than the 15 years he had claimed he was at the time of the murder, however the court found that it was “likely” that he was at least under 18.

Sweden has vowed to deport the murderer after he has served his time. But as usual it is too little to late. 

The court also claims it would have sentenced the migrant as an adult had he been 18 at the time the crime took place. Since X-ray analysis had to be used to even determine the liar's age in the first place, he well could have been 18 or close to it. Are we really splitting hairs over what could be an age disparity of mere months? 

To summarize: Despite the fact that the murderer was proven to have lied about his age, despite the fact that police found a video on the murderer's mobile phone in which he hurled anti-gay epithets at the victim prior to the murder, and despite the overall heinousness of the crime including using a snake as a scarf in order to disparage his victim even further -- the court still treated the migrant as a juvenile. 

Where is the liberal outrage? If something like this had happened in the U.S. and the murderer had been Christian we all know the angry mob would be out there with pitchforks calling for his head. As usual, when it comes to Islam all "human rights" goes out the window and so-called champions of minorities fall deafeningly silent.

Shame on them and shame on Sweden.