ESPN’s New Show Lineup Makes Good on Promise to Stay the Social Justice Course

Sit back and watch the former sports network sink like the Titanic.

Just last month, ESPN issued a full-throated commitment to continue mixing politics and sports despite the network losing loads of subscribers and having to fire hundreds of employees. And as promised, the new lineup of shows reveals ESPN will be back to spreading its liberal agenda.

The weekday lineups were announced for ESPN and ESPN2 for 2018. Breitbart picks apart each show’s hosts one by one, but we will summarize just a few below.

First Take with Stephen A. Smith: Smith is known for on-air rants shaming white people for their “privilege” for telling “black people how to feel.” He’s also called President Trump “petty” and childish.

Bomani and Pablo with Bomani Jones and Pablo S. Torre: Jones once wore a “Caucasians” shirt on TV while criticizing Native American mascots. He also attacked the Duke Lacrosse players after they were declared falsely accused of rape. Jones thinks its America’s hatred of black people that explains why they criticize some black players. Torre complained on Twitter that he felt like vomiting over President Trump’s immigration reforms.

Outside the Lines: Breitbart states, “All you need to know about Bob Ley and Jeremy Schaap, the two primary hosts for OTL, is that neither one of them thinks there’s any data to suggest ESPN’s politics have hurt their ratings. Which, since there actually is evidence of that, means that neither of them is very good at journalism.”

The Jump with Rachel Nichols: ESPN needs a prominent female host to meet feminist quotas and Nichols is a perfect choice as a woman who once urged the NBA to move the all-star game out of North Carolina because of the transgender bathroom bill. She likened HB2 to Jim Crow segregation.

Around the Horn: Panelist Kevin Blackistone chided NBA legend Michael Jordan for giving money to police organizations and said the national anthem is a “war anthem” that shouldn’t be played before games. Torre appeared on this show and argued that Babe Ruth’s career was only great because he played before blacks were allowed. Breitbart believes this “might be ESPN’s most liberal show.”

And the list goes on and on with on-air personalities pushing Black Lives Matter and comparing conservative groups to ISIS. It’s no wonder subscribers are dropping like flies. And ESPN doesn’t even care.

Photo credit: Keith Allison via / CC BY-SA