ESPN Lost Over 1 Million Subscribers in Last Two Months

Turns out people like sports, not liberal politics.

Over the last two months, over one million people have canceled their subscriptions with ESPN, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing.

Breitbart reported on the Nielsen estimates. During the last month, ESPN lost 555,000 subscribers and the month before they lost 621,000:

In the last two months, ESPN has lost 1,176,000 subscribers, a subscriber loss nearly the size of the city of Dallas, Texas. ESPN currently has just over 88 million domestic subscribers. In 2013, a mere three years ago, ESPN had 99 million subscribers. That’s right, in the last three years, ESPN lost somewhere in the neighborhood of ten million subscribers, the rough equivalent of the combined populations of New York City and Phoenix.

Previously on TruthRevolt, we reported how sports fans have been finding other channels for game coverage instead of ESPN because the network leaned so far left. ESPN couldn’t help but notice the dive in ratings and even credited its demise to alienating conservatives. But these are some hard and fast numbers on actual subscribers who have walked away, including the inevitable cord cutters who are moving away from cable altogether.

But Breitbart noted something else that points to the network’s politics as reason for the exodus. There are other ESPN channels that have seen very little subscriber loss because they actually broadcast sports:

ESPNU, ESPNEWS, and the SEC Network primarily feature sporting events, simulcast radio shows, or straight news reporting with very little opinion, or, at least very little political opinion. Those channels have either marginally declined [1.4%] or stayed flat.

As for ESPN and ESPN2, they just couldn’t keep their big mouths shut.