Ed Schultz: If Bergdahl Were Dick Cheney's Kid He Would Have Been Home Long Ago

Um, you know who was the President when Bergdahl was captured, right?

Today on his show on MSNBC, Ed Schultz made some pretty amazing comments regarding the weekend's big news of the prisoner exchange for captured Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. One comment in particular stood out as especially asinine:

Here's one thing for sure, if that were Dick Cheney's kid over there, we could probably bet that that kid would have been home years ago.

Really, Ed? Maybe you're not so good at the math, because Bergdahl wasn't captured until 2009. Guess who was running the show in 2009? Hint: it wasn't Dick Cheney. That's right, it was the same guy you're praising for securing the release this weekend. Are you saying the President sat on this because it wasn't Dick Cheney's son in captivity? If so, why should the President now have such gobs of sugary wet kisses heaped upon him as you've seen fit to do on your show today?

Some might say, "Well, he would have come home earlier during his tour of duty before being captured, that's probably what Schultz meant." Only that, too, is a calendar error. Bergdahl didn't enlist until 2008. And he went to Aghanistan as part of the troop surge ordered by President Obama in 2009. The same year he was captured. Oops.

Come on, Ed. That's the best Obama propaganda you had available? At least make it a challenge.