Ed Schultz: Hypocritical Tightwad

Schultz agreed to join his television team to celebrate 5 years on MSNBC Friday... but he's not paying!

Ed Schultz, who likes to attack the people "across the street" at the Fox News Channel and sometimes mocks their wealth, is the one who is a miser; he refuses to pick up the tab for his staff for the 5-year anniversary of his show. On Tuesday's "Ask Ed Live" segment, a viewer asked the MSNBC host how he'd celebrate and Schultz responded he might just take off the day, then said:

Hey! Friday night, dinner and drinks with the team! But I ain't pickin' up the tab...

Schultz often attacks conservatives like Sean Hannity for being a rich Republican (the conservative media mogul is not a registered Republican) but he could take a few notes on giving from the Hannity's history of generosity. Hannity offered and allegedly paid the salary of an Obamacare operator fired for speaking with him. Additionally, whenever he goes out to dinner and drinks (especially with his staff and friends) Hannity is known for picking up the tab and leaving a generous tip. At one Manahttan establishment dibs are taken on who gets to wait his table because he is well-known as a great customer.