Ed Schultz: Gov. Nixon Is 'Asking For Another Kent State'

Residents see curfew as a challenge, says MSNBC host.

MSNBC's jolliest host, Ed Schultz, took a grim point of view today on his show when discussing the President's remarks on the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Referring to the Missouri Governor's intent to call in the National Guard, and the imposition of a curfew, Schultz suggested that Governor Nixon is "asking for it" if violence breaks out.

"The President of the United States has spoken to the American people. The President of the United States has been on record of what he thinks of the looting that has taken place. Snort. And the president of the United States has injected himself into this through the Attorney General who is going to be on the scene in Missouri. All good moves. 

"Now let me tell you the bad move. What in the world would provoke the governor of a state to throw the state national guard into the mix when it's been one night after another of nothing but distrust and unrest in a community that has now seen crime right out on the streets? It makes no sense. He's asking for another Kent State."

Kent State, of course, was the scene where protesters were shot by the National Guard, shocking the nation, in 1970. Schultz is suggesting that we're going to see protesters shot and killed as a result of calling in the Guard. He also states that the curfew is bad because it is a "challenge" to the protesters.

"Every time a curfew, as I saw it, was nothing but a challenge to these protesters," says Schultz. "Back off the curfew and listen to these folks, and maybe the crimes won't be committed."