Dumb and Dumber: Recap of Celebrity Responses to Las Vegas Massacre

They’re not famous for their brains.

In addition to the luck factor, celebrities rise to the top thanks to the blessings of talent and looks. Robert De Niro is a great actor, Adele is a powerful singer, Kate Upton is a beautiful supermodel, Lena Dunham is a…well, perhaps talent and looks don't always explain fame. But in most cases, those qualities combine in various ways to boost one to the top in Hollywood. Noticeably absent among many an entertainer’s array of virtues: brains.

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting and the ensuing national discussion about gun control, the dense and famous have issued forth quite the treasure trove of intellectually-challenged opinions on the matter. For your reading pleasure, here is a look back at some of the last week’s dumbest celebrity responses to an issue the stars should perhaps have left to those more cerebrally gifted:



No word yet on what any of that meant.  Literally, any of it.



That's Kal Penn (pictured above) — actor and former Obama administration employee.





Trevor Noah of The Daily Show demonstrated his lack of relevant expertise on the topic with these brilliant insights:

“There’s a mass shooting almost every single day. So when is the time [to discuss guns]?… When a plane crashes, we talk about plane safety immediately. When a bridge collapses, we talk about infrastructure immediately. We seem to do everything to avoid talking about guns.”

Where has he been for the last few decades? Somehow, Noah caught wind of daily mass shootings—which do not happen—while missing the ubiquitous discussion of guns, which has been ongoing.

Last but not least, this doozy from actress Jessica Chastain, who was quickly called out for her anti-gun hypocrisy and the not-so-suble self-promotion of a movie she starred in about gun control: