Drag Club for Children to Open in NYC

"The first and only drag club for kids who are doing AMAZING drag."

10 year-old Napoles, whom you may know as drag sensation Desmond is Amazing, is launching the Haus of Amazing, a kids-only drag club. No grownups allowed (which seems unsafe, to say the least). One would assume adults are involved in the creation and running of this business, while branding makes it sound as though it's being run by a child. Due to launch in New York City in October, Desmond says that this is "the first and only drag club for kids who are doing AMAZING drag," The Daily Mail reports. 

In 2014, Desmond was featured in a music video (in drag), and went viral in 2015 when he took part in the Gay Pride Parade in NYC. A Facebook page was created for him, and things went from there. Now, he's creating a place for other "drag kids" to hang out. 


In addition to Haus of Amazing, Desmond hopes to have a fashion and cosmetics line someday. He wrote on Instagram, "Stay tuned while we continue to create this positive, encouraging, and safe online community for all drag kids to connect with one another, share photos, videos, etc,"

This sounds like a highly weird place for kids to be unsupervised.