Don Lemon Heckled On Air By a Black Woman: 'Uncle Tom, Hello!'

Lumps in Obama as well

During a live segment on CNN Thursday, Don Lemon was heckled by a black woman as he reported from the street near the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina where the previous night nine black Christians were murdered by a white male.

"Are you angry?" the woman began shouting. "Are you angry, Don?" she repeated. Desperate to get his attention away from his job, the woman said to Lemon, "Uncle Tom, hello!"

"Are you angry? 'Cause we're angry," she continued, imploring the CNN host to "talk about the anger." Lemon ignored her, saying it's understandable that people are upset.

The woman then started in on President Obama calling him a "puppet":

Stop the lies, stop the lies. President Obama's an Uncle Tom, too.

Lemon responded, "It's really sad when you have nine people who have lost their lives and you have to deal with something like this. But I think it's important, too, that people see the ignorance with this."

As they cut quickly to a break, the woman gets in one last word: "You pray and still get shot. Black folks, get off your knees and start praying -- [corrects herself] stop praying."