DOJ Suing Company for Discriminating Against American Workers

The Trump administration promised to put America first.

The Department of Justice has filed a discrimination suit against an American company for allegedly hiring foreign workers before U.S. citizens as that violates the Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative the department launched earlier this year.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “In the spirit of President Trump’s Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American, the Department of Justice will not tolerate employers who discriminate against U.S. workers because of a desire to hire temporary foreign visa holders. Where there is a job available, U.S. workers should have a chance at it before we bring in workers from abroad.”

The DoJ complaint accuses Colorado’s Crop Production of preferring hires under the H-2A visa program and employing temporary foreign workers, Fox News reports. The suit alleges that at least three U.S. citizens were passed over as employees for positions at one of its plants in El Campo, Texas.

According to the report, the Civil Rights Division of the DoJ has opened 29 investigations against companies discriminating against citizens. One settlement against a company company proven to favor visa workers has already been reached. The company distributed over $100,000 in damages, according to Fox News.