Deportations Plummet - Even Criminal Immigrants Spared

Down 42% since Obama reelected

Despite President Obama's vow to clamp down on criminal illegal immigrants, the number his administration deported has dropped drastically, part of a larger trend of fewer and fewer deportations since Obama won reelection. 

According to AP, the number of total deportations in the last 12 months dropped 42% since 2012 and was the lowest in almost a decade. Though administration officials have pledged to prioritize the deportation of criminal illegals, this year the administration deported the fewest in all of Obama's tenure as president. 

As AP underscores, the drop in criminal deportations is a "surprise" given the president's rhetoric—not to mention the prominence of the issue in public discourse over the last year, as high-profile crimes involving criminal illegals have been front and center in public debate.  

In April, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson assured Congress that the administration was renewing its vigilance concerning criminal aliens, particularly those who pose a security threat. "With the resources we have ... I'm interested in focusing on criminals and recent illegal arrivals at the border," Johnson said.

AP provides a breakdown of some of the deportation figures, which have been "declining steadily" since Obama won reelection: 

The overall total of 231,000 deportations generally does not include Mexicans who were caught at the border and quickly returned home by the U.S. Border Patrol. The figure does include roughly 136,700 convicted criminals deported in the last 12 months. Total deportations dropped 42 percent since 2012. [...]

Arrests of border crossers from other countries also dropped this year, along with the number of unaccompanied children and families. As of the end of August, the Border Patrol arrested about 130,000 immigrants from countries other than Mexico, about 34,500 unaccompanied children and roughly 34,400 people traveling as families. [...]

Obama has overseen the removal of more than 2.4 million immigrants since taking office, but deportations have been declining steadily in the last three years. Removals declined by more than 84,000 between the 2014 and 2015 budget years, the largest year-over-year decline since 2012.

As TruthRevolt reported, last year an unprecedented influx of migrants flooded the southern border, exhausting border patrol and DHS resources, and resulting in a "humanitarian crisis" due to the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors, mostly from Central America, particularly Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The crisis left the administration scrambling and eventually bussing children into unprepared communities across the country while the immigrants' asylum cases were processed. 

While deportations "steadily" drop, the administration has announced that it will be swinging America's gates a little wider for asylum-seekers, specifically from the war-torn, terrorism-plagued Middle East.