De Blasio Criticized for Greeting Women With a Kiss

Uh-oh! That's a big no-no!

On the next episode of “When the Left Eats Its Own,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio falls victim to the rules of his own party’s making when he is criticized for planting kisses on the cheeks of women.

According to CBS2 New York, de Blasio was in Albany on Tuesday night and was criticized for how intimate he got with the ladies. 

“De Blasio smooched his way through Albany this week – bestowing kisses on female lawmakers while men got a handshake and maybe a pat on the back,” states the report.

Cameras were rolling, catching de Blasio in action:



CBS2 spoke with an outraged workplace etiquette expert, Steven Viscusi, who called the mayor’s actions, “Absolutely horrible.”

“It’s absolutely inappropriate in any business environment today — with the new #MeToo movement — but even before that, that women should be hugged in an intimate way,” he said. “Why should a woman have to be pushed close to you and rubbed up against?”

Viscusi also warned against such close contact with it being flu season. (Not to worry, the mayor got a flu shot.)

CBS2 reporter Marcia Kramer confronted de Blasio at a press conference, and asked, “I wonder if you think that’s an appropriate greeting for an executive at a business meeting.”

De Blasio defended himself:

“I think certainly for the last 30 or so years that I’ve been involved in professional and public life – 30-plus years – that has been a norm and it’s been a respectful norm.”

The #MeToo movement has created a zero tolerance environment for such actions that de Blasio thinks is perfectly fine. When Kramer hit the streets of New York on Wednesday, those she interviewed said kissing a woman in a professional setting is far “too intimate” for the workplace and men should only offer a handshake. The times they are a-changin'. 

At the very least, we think de Blasio is being consistent. It’s typical for leftists to not practice what they preach. Take it from someone else who has been inappropriate with women for over 30 years. Tell 'em, Uncle Joe!