Dan Savage Slams ‘Knuckle-Drag America,’ Dems Should ‘Cheat’ Like Republicans

Bill Maher joins in, too.

Bill Maher welcomed hatemonger/gay activist Dan Savage on his HBO Real Time program Friday and the pair did what they do best: bashed the GOP, criticized conservative Americans, and encouraged Democrats to pick up their brass knuckles and “fight dirty” like Republicans.

The show started off immediately with the violent rhetoric. In his opening, Maher said, “Donald Trump says he will not have foreign nationals coming here and killing innocent Americans. That's what the health care plan is for.”

The host said the now-stalled health care bill is like the serial killer in a slasher film: you think he’s dead, but he is suddenlty behind you, ready to kill again.

Savage appeared wearing a button with his trademark ITMFA slogan: “Impeach the mother f***er already.” He complained that Republicans cheat to win elections and suggested Democrats start cheating in the same way to take back the government. Savage said it was gerrymandering that rigs the system against Democrats. He cites his proof by saying Democrats win the majority vote but somehow still end up losing.

Maher agreed, adding, “They do cheat, yes.” Later in the program, the host implied there was election fraud in Georgia because Jon Osoff was “ahead in the polls,” yet, lost. 

Ultimately, Savage suggested Democrats should cheat and fight dirty:

“Republicans have brass knuckles on, and Democrats don't. And Democrats need to pick up the brass knuckles and play the game that's actually being played. So many Democrats think that they're in Washington to set a good example for the GOP. And we need to start fighting like the GOP fights, and even fighting as dirty as the GOP fights.”

Maher said the GOP is akin to a “prison gang.” But Savage thinks even less of the American public:

“Democrats have to do a better job of turning [voters] out and stop chasing voters they’re never going to get. Sending John Kerry out with a gun to shoot something right before the election didn’t win him any votes in knuckle-drag America.”

Watch the audience approve in the video below via Newsbusters: