Damning House Benghazi Report Released, Obama Admin Still Blames Video

"It's time to move on," says Hillary.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi has released its damning report on the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Libya that left four Americans dead, and the Obama administration is still blaming a YouTube video.

The proposed report boasts "significant new information" that proves the Obama administration failed in every way to protect the lives of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said in a statement:

When the Select Committee was formed, I promised to conduct this investigation in a manner worthy of the American people’s respect, and worthy of the memory of those who died. That is exactly what my colleagues and I have done.

Now, I simply ask the American people to read this report for themselves, look at the evidence we have collected, and reach their own conclusions. You can read this report in less time than our fellow citizens were taking fire and fighting for their lives on the rooftops and in the streets of Benghazi.

Yet, the State Department on Tuesday was still defending its initial assessment that the attacks stemmed from a "blasphemous" video that appeared on YouTube even though that has been thoroughly debunked.

"We can't rule out that it played some motivating role," insisted DoS spokesman Mark Toner after the report was released. "Our initial assessment took into consideration what was happening elsewhere in the region."

The Washington Examiner notes that the report proves that what was happening in private correspondence within the Obama administration was the exact opposite of the story given to the public.

"In any kind of situation like this, it is hard to get all of the facts right away and to present them to the American people," Toner added.

Democrats released their own version of the report and concluded that the two-year investigation was too expensive and found nothing compelling enough to indicate a failure at the State Department. Hillary Clinton, complicit in these failures that led to American deaths, said, "I think it's pretty clear, it's time to move on:"

Maybe that has a little to do with a blunder from the Democrats in mistakenly releasing a transcript from the report that shows a very interesting relationship between the former secretary of state and her close friend and adviser, Sidney Blumenthal. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Blumenthal, a close Clinton friend, testified that he made $200,000 a year as a consultant for David Brock’s organizations like Media Matters, Correct The Record and American Bridge. Blumenthal has been criticized for his connections with Libyan business interests while informally advising Clinton at the State Department, leading to allegations he unduly influenced her for monetary gain.

The LA Times added: "[T]he exchange exposes once again the absurd amounts of money people in the orbit of the Clintons sometimes seem to rake in just for, well, being in the orbit of the Clintons."

Even though the report has tens of thousands of new documents attached, it also notes "a number of documents" that were withheld by the State Department "based on 'executive branch confidentiality interests,' an administration-constructed privilege not recognized by the Constitution.”

For more information on that and a very detailed breakdown of the committee's report, head to Fox News