Czech President Tells EU to Get its Act Together or Face New Migrant Wave

"The increase in the number of refugees from the Muslim countries...threatens the culture of the peoples of Europe."

Czech President Milos Zeman slammed the European Union for its open borders policy towards immigrants and warned of an impending migrant wave if Brussels fails to secure the EU’s outer borders, European media report.

Europe could expect up to 10 million migrants from Africa and the Middle East in coming years, Czech President warned. Uncontrolled migration from Muslim countries has led to an increase in violent crimes in Europe, Czech leader was quoted saying by a Bulgarian news agency.

President Zeman’s assertions are not without substance. A recent report commissioned by Germany’s Ministry of Family Affair cites actual figures that show a direct link between high migrant intake and upsurge in violent crimes.

The researchers used the German state of Lower Saxony to demonstrate the correlation between the migrant arrivals and violent crimes between 2014 and 2016, a period during which the number of such crimes surged by over 10 percent. The German study found that more than 90 percent of these additional crimes can be attributed to the newly-arrived refugees.

The Bulgarian news agency Novinite reported Czech President’s statement:

An influx of 10 million refugees from Africa threaten the European Union if the community does not strengthen its external borders, Czech President Milos Zeman announced on Thursday evening in an interview with Barrandov, a TV channel in Prague.

"If the European Union does not reach the courage to strengthen its external borders, for which it constantly chatters but does nothing, we will have 10 million refugees (from Africa) in the course of the (coming) years," said Zeman. The increase in the number of refugees from the Muslim countries of Africa and the Middle East, according to the president, threatens the culture of the peoples of Europe.

"The culture of these refugees is not compatible with European culture, which is what immigrants themselves understand," he said. The rise of Muslims in European countries, according to Zeman, has led to a significant increase in crime, an increase in the level of violence in the closed Muslim communities.

Czech President Zeman has been a forthright critic of the EU migrant policy. In past, he described the migrant influx into Europe as ‘organized invasion.’ Mainstream media was outraged by his statement on Muslim migrants, whom he described as “practically impossible” to integrate into the European societies.

The Czech Republic, along with Hungary and Poland, is bitterly opposed to the EU migrant policy. The country has been on the forefront of blocking Brussels’ efforts to relocate hundreds and thousands of migrants across Europe.

The EU wants Eastern European countries to take more migrants, mostly young men from Arab and Muslim countries, to ‘ease the burden’ of Germany and other EU member countries which have taken majority of the migrants since the influx began two years ago. Last month, Brussels approached the European Court of Justice, the top EU court, to start legal proceedings against the Czech Republic and other eastern European countries for refusing to open their borders to migrants.