Cuban and Bannon Discuss 2020 Run

Bannon sees Cuban as a threat to Trump.

Mark Cuban's musings about a future political run are no secret. The tech billionaire-turned-sports-baron has mused several times about running for president but according to reports, if he does, he could be doing so on the advice of Steve Bannon.

Bannon, the head of Breitbart and former advisor to President Donald Trump, has reportedly been speaking with Cuban about a run in 2020. Cuban admitted speaking with Bannon, according to The Daily Beast:

He downplayed the interactions in an email exchange with The Daily Beast, saying merely that he “texted with him a few time[s]” and that none, he believed, had “been more than one full sentence.”

The Daily Beast claims to have spoken to four distinct sources that say Bannon and Cuban have been chatting:

Bannon, these sources say, has encouraged Cuban to run and to consider doing so as a Democrat, seeing it as a realistic path to a viable presidential run.

“They talk regularly,” said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump adviser who is close to Bannon. “They’re very similar. They have a lot of synergy there. Even when [Steve] went to work for Trump, Mark would be interviewed and say nice things about Steve.”  

Cuban says he doesn't remember Bannon telling him to run as a Democrat but that is something Bannon has discussed in media interviews. As for how he might run, Cuban said he would prefer to run as an independent or a Republican so he can take Trump on in the primaries.

According to reports, Bannon has identified Cuban as a possible threat to Trump in 2020 because he would appeal to both Republicans and Independents.