Cruz: Obama's Plan to Admit Syrian Refugees "Nothing Short of Crazy"

It's "the height of foolishness to bring in tens of thousands, including jihadists coming to murder Americans."

Speaking to a large gathering of approximately 800 in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Monday, Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz called President Obama’s proposal to permit more Syrian refugees to seek a home in America “nothing short of crazy.”

Statewide news site reports that Cruz commented during the Q&A portion of the event that:

What President Obama is proposing to do, bring tens of thousands of Syrian Muslims to America, is nothing short of crazy… It would be the height of foolishness to bring in tens of thousands of people, including jihadists who are coming here to murder innocent Americans.

He added:

…With respect to the refugees, it is a humanitarian crisis, but they ought to be settled in the Middle East, in majority Muslim countries. reports that Cruz invoked the statements of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to buttress his point about the dangers of allowing Syrian refugees to settle in America.

Clapper has called the refugee crisis and the Syrian civil war that has perpetuated it “a disaster of biblical proportions” and has warned that it will provide opportunities for ISIS to disperse operatives globally who may attack Western targets.

Despite the potential dangers of admitting Syrian refugees—and possibly ISIS operatives— to America, Michigan’s elected officials appear supremely unconcerned about the possible peril to their citizens. reports that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder—a Republican—stated his support last week at a meeting of the state Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs for bringing Syrian refugees to his state. 

Snyder commented:

There is a real crisis in the Middle East with refugees. ... Isn't it part of our nature as Americans to say, 'How can we help people in need?'

Snyder shares this enthusiasm to welcome Syrian refugees with President Barack Obama who last month directed his administration to admit a minimum of 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the next fiscal year—an increase of approximately 500% over the number of refugees admitted the previous year.